How many times have you thought, I should really ____, but then you just don’t, because something overrides that initial instinct? And later you realize you ignored your intuition. Again.

It happens. Life is a non-stop rollercoaster. Amidst the chaos, tuning into the quiet hum of your intuition can feel like trying to hear a whisper in a storm. But that’s exactly why cutting through the noise is crucial.

Learning to trust those intuitive vibes can be a game changer. It’s like suddenly seeing things in HD – your love life, money matters, family dynamics, and yeah, even the big ‘pizza or tacos?’ debate.

It’s all about tuning in, not just to the signs, but to how they resonate with you and feel in your body, right down to your core.

Our ‘Reign Your World’ freebie is like your personal guide to connecting with your inner oracle.

It’s about making choices that feel right and owning your decisions – because isn’t it time you ruled your world?


why are you even here though?

Delve into the deep magic of the astrology & numerology of the playing cards. You’ll feel like the cards know you better than you know yourself!

Find out which card is your birth card & decode the cosmic vibes between you & that intriguing someone. Our guides tell you about your life path, relationships and more.


for when you need answers

You have a burning question? We’ll provide some insight that might—just might—echo that little voice in your head.

You’ll get an audio recording & a digital oracle card just for you. Because nothing says ‘personal touch’ like a card tailored to your current vibes.


for when you are feeling stuck

Slingshot Sessions with Laura are a turbo-boost out of that lingering funk. Here’s the drill: you let her know the three pesky problems that keep you up at night. She’ll use her intuitive abilities to assess what’s really going on.

Next up? A deep, soul-searching one-on-one session. You’ll get a bespoke protocol to tackle them head-on.


inhale. inhale. exhale.

This ain’t your yoga teacher’s breathwork. Break through years of stored emotions, heartbreak, disappointments & trauma with Candy Irven (the breathwork boss).

Breathwork allows you to release all that shit that you’ve shoved waaaay down, because you didn’t have time, tools or permission to deal with it.

**This link takes you to Candy’s website.


huntress. creative. hero. lover. queen. alchemist. visionary.

When you have all your chakras aligned & balanced, you’ll feel like you can handle the ups & downs coming your way. 

Take our quiz to discover which chakra archetype needs a boost. And uncover the difference between a chakra that is MIA & when it’s on point.


for self-healing & assisting others

Ever wanted to tap into some cosmic healing mojo? Dive headfirst into Holy Fire Reiki with Candy’s Level 1 training. Perfect for patching yourself up (come on, we all need a little self-tuning) & lending a healing hand to others.

Ready to unleash your inner healer?

**This link takes you to Candy’s site.


meditations, visualizations & practices

Harness the power of your intuition. Find some inner zen. Bulldoze right through life’s obstacles. Our library is full of tools that are curated just for people like you–people who are looking to be their own gurus.

We’re collecting all of our favorite practices in one place. Take a peak at our ever-evolving library.


discover your intuitive superpower

Fancy yourself a bit psychic? Well, let’s put that to the test! Jump into our quiz & suss out which clair is your star player.

Once we’ve ID’d your intuitive all-star, we’ve got a bunch of tips and tricks to help you rock that ‘clair’ like nobody’s business. 


colorful & to-the-point

Meet the oracle deck that’s on a mission to help you take charge of your life & rule your world. Straight-up answers with a side of cosmic insight, thanks to cardology.

Plus, you can play cards with this lightweight deck. Inside, you’ll get a link to the digital guidebook with deep dives on each card & introspective questions galore.


the answers are in there

Nestled right in your third eye chakra is your very own inner oracle—your intuition’s HQ. This course focuses on helping you train that muscle.

This course offers techniques to see your life more clearly, make decisions that resonate with your true self, understand others’ feelings, and much more. You’ll be able to validate your intuitive powers during the course.


choose your own adventure

Craving some cosmic counsel sprinkled with your own intuitive boost? Check out our new & full moon videos tailored to your sun sign element—be it earth, water, air, or fire (and their corresponding card suits). We’ll present three card piles—just let your intuition guide you to the one calling your name & voilà, insights for those burning questions.

Say bye' to overthinking.


Reign your world with intuitive clarity.

Check your internet mail.

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