Ready to unlock your mind-blowing intuitive powers? Step right into our Third Eye Activation Course. Here, you don’t just learn—you experience. We’re talkin’ real-deal, pinch-yourself proofs that you can tap into knowledge you didn’t even know you had.

Fun? Oh, you bet! Plus, it’s packed with ‘aha!’ moments that’ll have you trusting yourself like never before.

Picture this: Your inner oracle? It’s chilling in the third eye chakra—your intuition hotspot. When that’s fired up and clear, BOOM! Life clarity, decision-making prowess, and even feeling what others feel—it’s like your very own cosmic superpower. Ready to see (and feel) the magic?

In this step-by-step process, you’ll:

Third Eye Activation training with Laura was fun and extremely helpful. The expansion of the activations plus the workshop tools gave me a new modality to build upon ever since. I access those tools often and in so many ways. The training adjusts to each person’s experience and purpose. 

christina j.

hypnosis practitioner & reiki master

I took Laura’s “Third Eye Activation” course and was blown away at what I could do. She gave me all the tools I needed to open my third eye and get to a place where I could really ‘see’. I use the practice often when I feel blocked!

Andrea B.

yoga instructor & reiki master

The class with Laura was a real eye opener LOL. All jokes aside it… really did broaden my psychic abilities. She is a great teacher and gave me some wonderful tools to use so I could practice enhancing my abilities. I would recommend this class to anyone who wants to sharpen their intuitive gifts! 

shari c.

psychic, psychicshari.org

with third eye actviation, you’ll…


Say bye' to overthinking.


Reign your world with intuitive clarity.

Check your internet mail.

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