the chakra archetypes quiz

The Chakra Archetypes Quiz will help you figure out which archetypes (chakras) you need to work on right now! You can come back to this quiz over and over again as we are always shifting through working on different chakras.

So first things first, take the quiz below. Choose one answer per question (or two if you want to work on more than one chakra at a time). 

Thinking about the chakras as archetypes can help you harness their power even more. Unlike most ‘what are you’ kind of quizzes, this quiz is about what you need more of in your life. If you need to voice your desires, you need your powerful QUEEN archetype. If you need to get more grounded, you need the HUNTRESS’ earth energy.

STEP 1: Make a numbered list #1-11 & write your answer. 

1. My least favorite thing about myself right now is that I tend to…
  1. be antisocial and withdrawn
  2. be frigid and rigid
  3. my low self-esteem
  4. feel shy in new settings
  5. feel like I’m never being heard by others
  6. have a lack of imagination
  7. be anxious and afraid
2. Right now, I want my superpower to be...
  1. feeling stable, grounded and chill
  2. going with the flow
  3. taking charge when I need to
  4. giving and receiving love
  5. manifesting what I want
  6. using my intuition
  7. understanding the bigger picture of my life
3. Right now, my biggest physical issue is…
  1. legs, feet
  2. hips, reproductive
  3. digestion
  4. shoulders, arms, chest, upper back, respiratory
  5. throat, neck, ears
  6. vision, headaches
  7. migraines, sleep patterns, hair
4. This song has a message I need to hear right now...
  1. Survivor by Destiny’s Child
  2. Take it Easy by the Eagles
  3. Miss Independent by Kelly Clarkson
  4. Come Together by the Beatles
  5. Express Yourself by Madonna
  6. Intuition by Jewel
  7. We are Young by FUN
5. Right now, my biggest fears revolve around...
  1. financial security and/or physical safety
  2. intimacy and or how my body looks
  3. standing up for myself
  4. feeling alone
  5. expressing my truth and opinion
  6. trusting myself
  7. the future
6. With this mantra, I could conquer the world...
  1. I’ll follow my arrow, wherever it points
  2. I’m beautiful, no matter what they say.
  3. What doesn’t kill me makes me stronger
  4. Love, love is all I need.
  5. I can do magic. When I cast my spell….
  6. You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one.
  7. Every little thing is gonna be alright.
7. I could use a little more ____ in my life...
  1. self-understanding
  2. ease and grace
  3. confidence
  4. compassion for others
  5. imagination
  6. peace of mind
  7. faith
8. The biggest question I want answered right now is...
  1. when will I feel secure, have more money or a job I actually like?
  2. how do I access my creativity & what the fork do I do with it?
  3. what’s my purpose & why am I even here?
  4. how can I stop feeling so lonely?
  5. how can I learn to create what I want or how do I learn to speak up for myself?
  6. how do I tap into my intuition?
  7. how do I learn to trust in the universe and feel at peace?
9. My friends might call me____
  1. Scatterbrained because my busy mind gives me analysis paralysis.
  2. Ice Queen because I don’t let anyone see my emotions.
  3. Bossypants because I am always in charge.
  4. Stage One Clinger because I hold onto old wounds.
  5. Chatty Cathy because I talk too much.
  6. Judge Judy because I am always judging myself or someone else.
  7. Worrier because I worry and obsess about everything.
10. What would really fill my soul at this moment...
  1. beach, mountains, or anything nature
  2. sex, food, chocolate or anything that gives me satisfaction
  3. kicking ass in the karate dojo or a kickboxing class
  4. holding hands with my love
  5. telling the world who I am
  6. clearly visualizing or planning my future
  7. meditating & being still in the moment
11. Most recently...
  1. I don’t feel connected to my family or my community. I feel isolated.
  2. I’m just not satisfied with my life.
  3. I feel like I’ve no control over my own life.
  4. I’m dealing with heartbreak.
  5. I feel like I can’t create the life I want.
  6. Everyone is driving me crazy because they don’t see things my way.
  7. I feel like I’m just not getting the bigger picture of my life.

STEP 2: Total how many answers you have for each number a – g. Scroll down and read about the archetype you need to embrace.

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each course includes…

the huntress

The HUNTRESS is the archetype for the ROOT chakra or energy center because this center is all about providing for you (and your family’s) basic needs PLUS it is the chakra connected with EARTH & NATURE & the BODY.

When your Huntress is fully present, you…

  • Feel stable
  • Know you belong here and why
  • Feel safe – physically, financially, etc…
  • Feel connected to the earth

When your Huntress is MIA, you may…

  • Feel withdrawn, disconnected, or isolated
  • Worry about making enough money, paying rent, etc…
  • Feel like you don’t belong anywhere
  • Be scatterbrained (ungrounded)

the creative

The CREATIVE is the archetype for the SACRAL chakra or energy center because this center is all about tapping into your EMOTIONS to help guide you through life. Some of the best art in the world comes from emotional pain.

When your Creative is fully present, you…

  • Express your emotions with ease
  • Flow with the ups and downs
  • Feel satisfied with your life
  • Use your inner creativity to its full potential

When your Creative is MIA, you may…

  • Feel antisocial and withdrawn
  • Feel challenged in relationships
  • Dislike your body
  • Have issues around sex and intimacy

the hero

The HERO is the archetype for the SOLAR PLEXUS chakra or energy center because this center is all about tapping into your POWER.

When your Hero is fully present, you…

  • Take charge (when you need to)
  • Can stand up for yourself
  • Create appropriate boundaries
  • Be reliable, confident & can rise up to meet challenges

When your Hero is MIA, you may…

  • Be easily pushed around
  • Allow your ego to flare up a lot
  • Be searching for your life’s purpose
  • Have low self-esteem

the lover

The LOVER is the archetype for the HEART chakra or energy center because this center is all about GIVING and being able to RECEIVE love.

When your Lover is fully present, you…

  • Feel like you have open arms for the whole world
  • Have compassion for others
  • Feel peaceful and balanced
  • Love yourself

When your Lover is MIA, you may…

  • Feel shy in new settings
  • Feel lonely
  • Hold on to old wounds
  • Experience codependency, jealousy or poor boundaries in relationships

the queen

The QUEEN is the archetype for the THROAT chakra or energy center because this center is all about SELF-EXPRESSION.

When your Queen is fully present, you…

  • Are able to manifest the life you want
  • Can express your truth and opinion
  • Are able to express yourself creatively
  • Have a good sense of timing

When your Queen is MIA, you may…

  • Feel shy in new settings
  • Feel lonely
  • Hold on to old wounds
  • Experience codependency, jealousy or poor boundaries in relationships

the alchemist

The ALCHEMIST is the archetype for the THIRD EYE chakra or energy center because the alchemist is the archetypal magician, seer, and miracle worker. The Alchemist is all about the INTUITION.

When your Alchemist is fully present, you…

  • Tap into and trust your intuition
  • Have peace of mind
  • Are able to visualize and recall your dreams
  • Are able to think symbolically

When your Alchemist is MIA, you may…

  • Have a lack of imagination
  • Judge others and/or yourself
  • Have a fixed viewpoint
  • Be in denial because you can’t ‘see’ what is really going on

the visionary

The VISIONARY is the archetype for the CROWN chakra or energy center because this center is all about your ability to be SPIRITUALLY CONNECTED and to perceive and assimilate information.

When your Visionary is fully present, you…

  • Can understand the bigger picture
  • Have faith in something greater than yourself
  • Are able to be present
  • Feel spiritually connected

When your Visionary is MIA, you may…

  • Feel anxious and afraid… especially about the future
  • Over-intellectualize things or be a spiritual addict
  • Be greedy or materialistic
  • Have a rigid belief system









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