In Cardology, you are the Ace of Clubs. We call your card The Multi-Talented Investigator. Get your card's Guru Guide to learn more.
What’s your suit?

Cardology (aka the Destiny Cards) is an accurate and ancient tool that helps us understand ourselves better. Elements of astrology, numerology, tarot and archetypes are hidden in our everyday playing cards. The cards teach us about your soul’s purpose, what roles the people in your life play and the challenges and opportunities you might experience during each year of your life.

It is believed that your soul chooses your Birth Card to aid in its development in this lifetime. Yeah, you heard us. You. Chose. This. Or at least you did at a soul level. And typically, you chose the people you interact with, too… all so you can evolve your soul. Learning about your cards can help you understand your purpose and why your relationships are the way they are. Just like there are common characteristics among people who are Aries, people who are Clubs also have similar traits. Your suit is fundamental to how you see and interact with the world.


How do you get on on a Heart’s good side?

What’s a Diamond’s superpower?

How do Clubs and Spades get along?

Get the answers to all this and more in this guide.

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