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Ever feel the universe is sending signs, but you're missing the decoder ring? Enter Cardology - the celestial dance of astrology & numerology, all hidden within everyday playing cards.

Your card isn’t just a piece of paper; it's the blueprint of your soul, a roadmap sketched by the stars. Uncover your innate gifts, navigate challenges, understand your relationships & align with your divine purpose.

your card is...

♠ the seven of spades ♠

as a seven

You know, being a Seven is something special; after all, you're in the company of luminaries like Beyoncé. Unique? Absolutely. Sensitive? Unquestionably. With a spirit that’s akin to a burst of sunshine piercing through a cloudy sky, you have this exceptional ability to make those around you feel they're more than just present—they're celebrated.

When you step into a room, it doesn’t just light up; it dazzles. Intelligence meets cheerfulness in an exclusive dance choreographed by you. You're the personification of that refreshing breeze on a stifling summer day—pure, invigorating, and oh so necessary. Your laughter? It’s infectious. Your smile? It’s heartwarming. And your presence? It’s a gift that keeps on giving, uplifting spirits and inspiring smiles wherever you go.

as a spade

 As a Spade, you're the stargazer of life’s cosmos, eyeing the big picture through a cosmic IMAX lens. Your compass heart leads the charge, pointing the way to stellar horizons.

Yet, with your keen insights comes a brisk sharpness—you might inadvertently dismiss others, your straightforward truths slicing more sharply than intended. Be mindful of an unintended air of superiority, and temper your judgments. Your peers seek your wise counsel, not just intellectual navigation. They yearn for your grounded guidance as much as your lofty ideals.

But it's not just about contemplation for you; oh no! You're itching to roll up your sleeves, set the sails, and drive that ship towards progress. Waiting around simply isn’t your style.

as the seven of spades

You’re the life of the party with a purpose, aren’t you? With a smile that can light up a room and a laugh that’s contagious, you’re all about spreading those good vibes. But don’t let that bubbly exterior fool anyone – there’s a fierce warrior of truth in there, too.

Your friends might see you as a merry prankster, always up for a laugh, but flip that coin and bam – there’s the crusader, ready to call out any no-good, integrity-lacking shenanigans. Walking the talk isn’t just a fancy phrase for you; it’s practically your motto. Sure, you might catch yourself playing the judge from time to time – just remember, that high horse can be a tricky steed to ride.

Keep that integrity as your compass, and don’t forget to nudge people with love rather than a gavel. Let your crew see the kind-hearted jester as much as they do the cheer-spreading change-maker. After all, it’s all about balance – a dash of fun, a sprinkle of seriousness, and a whole lot of heart. Just remember…


the report

Your card's report includes:

  • an in-depth personality profile of your card
  • how others see you
  • why your card has its nickname
  • your soul purpose
  • real talk you need to hear

Seeking a snippet of card wisdom or the perfect present with a personal touch? Snag the report! It’s your bite-sized guide to the wonders of your card – an ideal appetizer for the curious or a thoughtful token for friends and family. Dip your toes into the magic – gift-giving (and receiving) just got an upgrade!

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what people are saying

This was so much fun! I had lots of a-ha moments and learned so much about myself, my relationships and more. I am thrilled to have been introduced to cardology and so grateful to have found the cards.

Janie S.

Wow. I have studied astrology for the past decade and have just decided to give the cards a try. I am blown away by the accuracy of the information presented in this guide. I will definitely revisit it again and again to continue peeling away the layers.

Mike R.

I love the depth of the content in this guide. You took something that seems complicated and made it soooo user friendly. I feel validated in so many things that I have experienced in my life. I always wondered... why did this happen and why am I this way? And it is right there... in my cards. Who knew? Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Alisa L.

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