In Cardology, you are the Ace of Clubs. We call your card The Multi-Talented Investigator. Get your card's Guru Guide to learn more.
the relationships course

The energies of the cards are major relationship influencers. Learn how to navigate them.

Your soul chose this card for a reason. Are you ready to find out how it affecst your relationships? The energies of the relationships between the cards are locked in. You just need the key to release the secret.

The Relationships Course will help you discover how the people in your hand affect you.

You’ll learn about the royal archetypes (jack, queen and king of your suit) and how they interact with each other.

Life is a mystery. Especially relationships.

In The Relationships Course for your suit, you’ll uncover the secrets of relationships. You’ll have a workbook to analyze your relationships from different angles including how people show up in your hand or if they are your karma card. Plus, you’ll learn all about how you are compatible with others.

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