Rule Your World Oracle Deck v. 2

Rule Your World Oracle Deck v. 2


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This 53-card oracle deck was designed to help you rule your world by giving you straightforward, concise answers. It is based on cardology (the astrology + numerology of the playing cards). Yes, your everyday playing cards.

This lightweight oracle deck can be easily transported with you. No bulky, heavy boxes. It is slightly bigger than a regular playing card deck. In fact, you can play regular ass card games with this deck!

Inside the box, you’ll find a link to the Rule Your World Oracle Guide with detailed descriptions of the meaning of each card plus a deeper dive with questions to explore. You can download the guide or use the online version.

Dimensions: 2.75″ x 4.75″

Cardstock: 330gsm Royal Smooth Finish

We have made updates to the deck, so version 1 has been discounted. Version 2 is easier to use to play cards with as the diamonds and hearts have white symbols and the spades and clubs have black symbols. Version 2 also has a different back side design that make it more difficult to tell when cards are upside down. BOTTOM LINE: If you want to play cards with this deck, get VERSION 2. If you are just using it for the oracle readings, VERSION 1 is a good option until we run out!

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