Rule Your World Oracle Deck

This 53-card oracle deck was designed to help you rule your world by giving you straightforward, concise answers. It is based on cardology (the astrology + numerology of the playing cards). Yes, your everyday playing cards.

This lightweight oracle deck can be easily transported with you. No bulky, heavy boxes. It is just slightly bigger than a regular playing card deck. In fact, you can play regular ass card games with this deck!

Inside the box, you’ll find a link to the Rule Your World Oracle Guide with detailed descriptions of the meaning of each card plus a deeper dive with questions to explore. You can download the guide or use the online version.

Version 2 updates: Easier to use to play cards with as the diamonds and hearts have white symbols and the spades and clubs have black symbols. Modified back side design so it is more difficult to tell when cards are upside down. BOTTOM LINE: If you want to play cards with this deck, get VERSION 2. If you are just using it for the oracle readings, VERSION 1 is a good option until we run out!

Currently only shipping to the US & Canada.

$27 – Version 1

45 in stock

$34 – Version 2

44 in stock

Intuitive Reading

+ Personalized Card

You’ve got some burning questions. We can help to get you some answers!

Here’s how it works…

Send us your birthday and up to THREE of your most pressing questions. We will tune into your energy and send you an audio recording of the answers that come forward.

PLUS, we will include a personalized card image created to capture the essence of your reading. Save your card to your Home Screen, print and carry it with you everywhere you go or turn it into a poster you hang above your bed. Let yourself to inspired by your awesomeness!

Expect to receive your downloadable audio and personalized card within 3-5 business days of receipt of your questions.


Get your card & compatibility.

your card is the blueprint for your soul. your cosmic vibes are how your card interacts with others. these energies can't be changed, but you can learn to work with them.

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everything you need to know about relationships in the cards

The Hand You Were Dealt

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