Ever feel the universe is sending signs, but you're missing the decoder ring? Enter Cardology - the astrology and numerology of the playing cards.

Your card isn’t just for playing solitaire; it's the blueprint of your soul, a roadmap sketched by the stars. Uncover your innate gifts, navigate challenges, understand your relationships and align with your purpose.

your card is...


you are the big baby sage

because you are a conundrum. You are both pouty and ancient.

Eights assert their authoritative perspective with confidence, often assuming roles of leadership. Hearts navigate life with emotional depth, prioritizing connections and approaching every interaction with compassion.

As the Eight of Hearts, you march in with ‘master of the universe’ energy, dropping bold truths left and right. No beating around the bush for you! And let’s not forget your charm – it’s like a cozy blanket with a spark of flirtation, totally irresistible.

Your personality is a rollercoaster of opposites. One minute you’re in a childish huff, the next you’re dropping wisdom like a sage. For those around you, expect the unexpected. Your love for control? It’s part of your charm, just like your back-and-forth dance of love. But just try not to treat everyone like they are your assistant.

Your strength and bluntness are like a beacon for others showing them what needs to happen and how to stand in your power. Patience isn’t your strongest suit, especially with the ‘poor me’ types. But you also have a sensitive side, so be sure to put yourself in the other person’s shoes to get perspective.

Whether you’re playing healer, boss, or the life of the party, your journey’s packed with encounters. Remember to add a dash of kindness to your interactions. Inspiring bravery is your forte, but it’s your gentle touch, born from your own healing, that really makes the difference.

You are your card. You can't help it . You were born that way. Learn to make the most of it.

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Discover the Magic Within: Your card is like a secret map to who you really are. Dive into our guide for a fun yet revealing look at the traits and strengths that make you, well, you.

Connect on a Deeper Level: Think of your card as a tool to decode your relationships. The guide will help you have those important conversations with your best people, helping you understand each other's quirks and qualities.

Navigate Your Life Path: Your card is more than a just a symbol; it's your personal GPS for life's big choices. Your card's guide dishes out tailored advice, perfect for your journey, with a sprinkle of fun.

Turn Self-Discovery into a Social Affair: Use your card's guide to spark conversations, as an icebreaker in new relationships, or as a unique way to deepen existing bonds. It's not just about knowing yourself, but sharing the discoveries you make along the way!

The guide for your card includes:

  • what it means to be your suit & number
  • an in-depth profile of your card
  • how to win at being your card
  • how others see you
  • celebrities with your card
  • why your card has its nickname
  • your soul purpose
  • real talk you need to hear
  • questions to ask yourself
  • pro tips designed especially for your card
  • power words to post on your mirror
  • and more!


what people are saying...

This was so much fun! I had lots of a-ha moments and learned so much about myself, my relationships and more. I am thrilled to have been introduced to cardology and so grateful to have found the cards.

Janie S.

Wow. I have studied astrology for the past decade and have just decided to give the cards a try. I am blown away by the accuracy of the information presented in this guide. I will definitely revisit it again and again to continue peeling away the layers.

Mike R.

I love the depth of content in this guide. You took something that seems complicated and made it soooo user friendly. I feel validated in so many things that I have experienced in my life. I always wondered... why did this happen and why am I this way? And it is right there... in my cards. Who knew? Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Alisa L.

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