Adele: Ace of Spades (The Distinctive Alchemist)

Oct 15, 2022 | aces, cardology, spades

Adele’s birthday is May 5, 1988. In cardology, she is the Ace of Spades or the Distinctive Alchemist. Adele is the epitome of an Ace of Spades. She stands out. The words she writes in her songs create a sort of alchemy that brings us to tears. Tears help shift our energy, making us feel better and helping us move through our emotions.

So I hope I learn to get over myself.


Adele is known for telling her stories, very much an Ace thing. Aces tend to be self-focused. More than any other number or face card, they see things through their own eyes first. It might take them a second to look at things through your eyes, so be patient. If you have an Ace in your life (look up birthays here), they are likely teaching you to focus on yourself more.

I just finished watching the Adele special with Oprah. Oprah told Adele that her being so open about her divorce would help other women not feel like they have to stay in a marriage where they are unhappy – to focus on themselves and their happiness. Adele still has mixed feelings about ending her marriage, but she knew that she needed to focus on being happy… something she wants as a goal for her son as well. When she turned the focus onto herself and honored what she needed, she was following what it truly means to be an Ace and as she said in the interview she has ‘almost reached her goal’ of finding that happiness.


At the beginning of that interview, Adele talks about how she writes her music. She said it isn’t her. She’s not that deep. The lyrics and music come from somewhere else. She couldn’t explain it, but the Ace does. Aces are all channels in a way. They bring information, ideas, music, art down from above. The Ace is the number 1. The number 1 is a stick. That straight line drawing down from the heavens.


Spades are the culmination of the suits. The King of Spades is the 52nd card. People who are Spades have been around the block. Spades tend to like to work with their hands or do things that are physical in nature. Writing music might be how Adele expresses this, but she also loves to lift weights. She found grounding in working out, in physically exerting herself.

Spades represent the earth, and people who are spades bring a sort of down-to-earth energy (think Jennifer Aniston – another Ace of Spades). Spades represent the physical. Alchemy is the transformation of matter. When you bring the Spade and the Ace together, divine energy draws down to the physical plane forever changing us.



  • Adele’s second card is the Seven of Diamonds – Beyonce’s card. Your card’s Blueprint course will help you understand how your card (and it’s hand) fit together – including what your second card is and why it’s important. LOOK UP YOUR CARD here
  • Adele’s ex (Simon Konecki) is a Four of Diamonds. Together they have Jupiter & Saturn energy between them. Adele the benefit Simon brought her during their marriage was stability in the face of the chaos of being so famous. That stabilizing energy is sooooo Saturn. LOOK UP YOUR COMPATIBILITY here


Image of Adele from WikiMedia Commons

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